Why Choose Peppy Pets, LLC?

At Peppy Pets, LLC we take great pride in our quality of care and our Client Relations. Our sitters go through extensive background and screening processes before they become part of the Peppy Pets team. But it’s our Client Relations that sets us apart from most.

We offer Free Consultations and meet and greets to ensure you and your pets are paired with the best sitter to fit you and your pet’s needs. At any time you feel a change is needed, we are happy to accommodate at no charge to you- ever. We
offer online booking, visits reports with GPS check in and check out, along with a photo of your pet after every service- no exception.

Here at Peppy Pets, you are not just hiring a sitter you  are hiring a team of dedicated professionals who have you and your pets best interest as their #1 priority. We don’t just build sitters, we build relationships. 

All our services include whatever your pet needs.

Every visit comes with a walk, feeding, cleaning up waste, changing litter, play time, medication administration and a personalized care plan that keeps them on the routine they are comfortable with.

At Peppy Pets, LLC we are more than just a price, we are quality and value you won’t find anywhere else.

Peppy Pets, LLC vs The Other Guys

15 Minute Drop In

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Our 15 Minute Drop ins are for those quick potty breaks, or for those pets who don’t require a walk. During our 15 minutes, we will do a quick let out for potty, give a treat, some snuggles and leave. We can also scoop the litter, check the water, food and give a few kisses too! 15 minutes that’s all we are there for.
Not Offered

30 Minute Visit

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Our 30-minute visit includes walks, feeding, play time, cuddle time and whatever else you need. We can bring in your mail, water your plants and bring your trash can back from the curb. We can close the blinds and bring in the newspaper too! Our 30 minute visits are for those Peppy Pets who want a little extra!
30 Min Visits $20 + added fees

45 Minute Visit

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Our 45-minute visit includes walks, feeding, play time, cuddle time and whatever else you need. We can bring in your mail, water your plants and bring your trash can back from the curb. We can close the blinds and bring in the newspaper too! Our 45 minute visits are for those Peppy Pets who want a little more than 30 but don’t need an hour!
45 min visits $25 +added fees

60 Minute Visit

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Our 60 Minute Visits include long walks, feeding, cuddle time and whatever else you need. We can bring in the mail, water your plants or gardens, take out the trash or bring it back in. Everything we offer for the 30-minute visit, we offer for the 60 too! We just stay a little longer to give your Peppy Pets the attention and snuggles and kisses and love they deserve!
60 Min visits- $30 +added fees

In Home Overnight Visits

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$60 per Day (example-12:00noon-12:00noon) **

Overnight Care (5 pets)- $66

Overnight Care (6 pets) - $77

½ Day charge of $30 will be added if departure is more than 4 hours past initial arrival time
Our Overnight care is provided to you in your home. We come into your home and stay with your pets. We can walk them as much as they want, cuddle with them at night on the bed, and hang out with them on the couch watching TV. Our overnights begin when you want them to and end when you need them to. We stay with your pets; however, we do leave throughout the day to do other visits, go to class or run some errands; but we are there much of the time.

MAXIMUM time away from your Peppy Pet is 6 hours. If you are concerned that your pet can’t be left for more than a few hours at a time, we will be happy to bring in a sitter to do a 30-minute visit for $10.00. Most of our sitters are in college or have part time jobs, and will need to be gone from your pet for a period of 4-6 hours. If this is not acceptable, please let us know and we will be happy to work out a care plan that suits you and your pet’s need.

(*up to 3 pets, $5.00 for each dog, $3.00 for each cat)
Overnight Care- $80-$120 + added fees


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30 minute visits- $20.00 per visit
45 minute visits- $23.00 per visit
60 minute visits- $25.00 per visit

Everything offered in our 30 Min, 45 Min and 60 Min Daily Visits will also be offered during Late Nights and Early Am Visits. There is an surcharge of $1.00 added to each visit rate. We will not be offering the 15 minute drop in visits at these times.

Late Night Visits will begin at 10:00p.m. and end at 12:00a.m.

Early AM Visits will begin at 5:00a.m. and end at 6:30a.m.


We are so excited to share our new and updated services with you! To start off we'd like to introduce our Pre-Paid Packages! This is how they will work: SAVE 10% OFF EVERY VISIT WHEN YOU PURCHASE A PRE-PAID SERVICE PACKAGE 
Overnight Pre-Paid Packages- Save $3.00 per day with our Overnight Pre-Paid! 
  • 2 Days - $114.00 
  • 3 Days - $171.00
  • 5 Days - $285.00
  • 10 Days-$570.00

​​​​​​​**Half-Day charges will still apply. 
20 VISITS= $306.00
30 VISITS= $459.00
20 VISITS= $342.00
30 VISITS= $513.00
20 VISITS= $396.00
30 VISITS= $594.00 
20 VISITS= $432.00
30 VISITS= $648.00
How do I purchase a Pre-Paid Service Package? 
Log onto the Customer Portal 

Select from the Drop-Down Menu which package you would like to purchase.  You can schedule your services at that time, or use them for future visits. They are yours to keep until they run out!  
How do I pay for the Pre-Paid Service Package? 
Once you have requested your pre-paid service package, an invoice will be created and your credit card on file will be charged. You must have a credit card on file to purchase a pre-paid package. You will be automatically enrolled in auto renew so your visits will never run out, and you will always get the best price for your visits! 
What if I don’t need all the visits I have purchased? 
You can cancel your pre-paid services at any time. However, there are no refunds, but a credit will be applied to your account in the event you choose to cancel the auto-enrollment. 
How can I find out how many visits I have left? 
Log into the Customer Portal, you will see your balance remaining. 
What if I use more visits then what I have already paid for? 
If you go over your pre-paid service package number of visits, you will be billed separately on the next billing cycle for any visits not included in your package. Standard visit rates will apply.


Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Transportation $15 (up to 20 miles, $0.42 per mile after 20 miles) 

Getting your pet to their appointments can be hard when you’re at work or busy during the day – that’s why we’re here! Transportation rates will vary based on where you live and where they need to be transported to. We prefer for transportation services to be scheduled in advance, but we understand that life happens! We will do our best to accommodate short notice transportation requests.

Short Notice

Short Notice

(Daily Visit, Overnight Rates Apply)

A $5.00 charge will be added to visits deemed as “Short Notice”
Short Notice is any request that is needed in 6 hours or less
Example- last minute visit needed for walk at 12:00 noon- requested at 8:00a.m. via the Customer Portal. A Short Notice Fee will be applied to regular visit rate if we can fill the request. No fee will be accessed if we are unable to find coverage for you. Short notice is offered, but not guaranteed
**Up to 3 pets, $5.00 each additional dog, $3.00 for cats

Floating Schedules

Floating Schedules

(Daily visit, Overnight Rates Apply)

Peppy Pets, LLC is here to provide you and your pets love and care when it’s convenient for you. Not everyone works a 9-5 job – we get that! We are available 24/7 365 days a year.
Work long hours? Work second shift? Peppy Pets, LLC can take care of your pets anytime day or night.

Don’t see the specific service you’re looking for? Give us a call for more information on our other affordable services: 919-200-4140

Holiday Rates

A $5.00 charge will be added to scheduled visits for the following Holiday’s

4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Day

$10.00 Charge will be added to all Overnight care for the following Holiday’s

4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Day